Key principles of group work, Consider the barriers to effective group wrk with young people

Topics: Group dynamics, Facilitator Pages: 4 (1426 words) Published: February 8, 2014
2.1 Explain the key principles of group work
2.4 Explain why groups form and why people join them
2.5 Consider the barriers to effective group work with young people and explore/examine strategies to address these

Group work is a common strategy used for supporting the personal, social and political education of young people. It can be used as a facility to give young people a wide range of transferable skills that can aid them in day to day life and potentially change their future prospects. Group work is the main intervention used when thinking about implementing social change and uniting people. When groups are facilitated effectively the opportunities for young people to develop and hone communication, leadership and social skills are massive. When young people feel safe within these groups they are more comfortable about making the mistakes which will allow them to grow. Once the dynamics of the group have settled and people are assured of their roles within the group it is possible to allow young people to use and practice their new skills in more demanding activities. Group work has an essential role in ensuring that young people are able to function successfully in society as they grow up. The motivations of individuals to join groups are varied. In most cases you either choose to belong to a certain group or you are a member of the group because of circumstance. Human beings are generally considered to be social animals and it is therefore natural for us to form groups. When people are excluded from groups/society it affects their well-being and opportunities for success. It is therefore beneficial for people have a sense of belonging and purpose. Being a member of any sized group can instil this feeling within people. A further way of doing this is removing the sense of isolation and finding joy/comfort in the fact that other people share similar lifestyles or interests with you. When people feel happy groups, and the people within them, are more...
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