Key Points of Winning

Topics: Confidence, Positive psychology, Self-confidence Pages: 3 (375 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The Biggest Dirty Little Secret in Business

Lack of Candor – blocks smart ideas, fast action and good people from contributing all they’ve got

When you’ve got Candor – everything just operates faster and better

The Candor Effect

1.Gets more people in the conversation and makes you idea rich 2.Generates speed
3.Cuts costs

Differentiation Defined

Differentiation is a way to manage people and business
Two parts to a company
1.Software – your people
a.Top 20% - they are the best and should be treated that way, bonuses, stock options, praise, love, training, variety of rewards. b.Middle 70% - keep them engaged and motivated, training, positive feedback, thoughtful goal setting c.Bottom 10% - they should know who they are and should go

2.Hardware – product lines and/or business portfolio

What Leaders Do

1.Relentlessly upgrade their team
2.Make sure people live, breathe and see the vision
3.Exude positive energy and optimism
4.Establish trust with candor
5.Courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls
6.Probe and push, making sure questions are answered with action 7.Inspire risk taking and learning by example

What Winners are Really Made Of

The Acid Tests

Integrity – tell the truth and keep your word

Intelligence – intellectual curiosity

Maturity – confident but not arrogant, sense of humor, respect emotions of other people

4E and 1-P Framework

Energy – start and end your day with enthusiasm – just love life

Energize – positive energy inspires the team to take on the impossible

Edge – make the tough yes or no decision even without total information

Execute – put decisions into action and get the job done

Passion – heartfelt, deep, authentic excitement about work, i.e., juice for life in your veins

4 Characteristics that Really Matter

Authenticity – self confidence and conviction

Ability to See Around Corners – have vision to anticipate the radically unexpected...
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