Key Players

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Fill in the table by describing the role and influence each group has on curriculum. Some may have direct influence and some may have indirect influence. Identify whether their influence deals with selecting, maintaining, or evaluating the curriculum and in what ways they participate in that process. The first answer is provided as an example.

Key Players in Curriculum Development
| |
Federal Government| The federal government passes federal legislations, such as the No Child Left Behind Act, to which schools must measure up. NCLB mandates can directly influence the curriculum in schools. They mostly influence the selection of curriculum.| State| Determines what students should learn and provides support material, such as syllabus and guide for each subject and grade, and a list of approved materials for the classrooms. The state also set standards about what students should be learning by forming committees/public meeting and listening to different opinions. They mostly influence the selection of the curriculum. | District| Appoints specialists that make sure the curriculum is supported and teachers are prepared. Provide materials for teaching and review the materials that can be used in the classroom and recommends materials that should be purchased. They mostly influence the management and selection of the curriculum.| School| Receives the provided materials and syllabuses and brings it to the students. Maintains standards and make sure guidelines are being followed. They mostly influence the management of the curriculum.| Teacher| Decides how to teach the curriculum and what materials are used by attending district meeting and presents reviews of materials that are being suggested. Plays a role in state decisions by joining committees that set student standards. They mostly influence the evaluation of the curriculum.| Community| Different community groups (religious, political, etc.) influence a school by effecting what topics...
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