key of responsibility speech

Topics: Debut albums, Failure, Knowledge Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: January 15, 2014
A lovely evening to all! Tonight I may say, to all of us seniors, let us congratulate ourselves for we all have been doing so great to make this tale of our lives as fulfilling as we want it and as adventurous as we make it. In four years of staying here in this institution, I may conclude that counting the wonderful moments that we shared in our high school days is a mind-boggling thing because even the depressing ones that we lived through contributed in helping us to become what we are today. Yes, even being “pasaways” in front of our teachers, all are considered factors that made this experience complete and of course, a perfect one. And if we are going to look at it, everything happened in a blast but, much unnoticed. When I made my first footsteps in this school in the early days of my freshman year, one thing I can’t forget is our innocent selves, just like a blind person who seeks the right path, looking for the white light behind the darkness of that innocence. By all means, we looked for the knowledge we need and we craved for the wisdom we must possess before we depart from this home, from this family. We were so curious about all the things that we encountered everyday but we did not know to whom we must hold on and how to distinguish right from wrong. And because of such blindness, receiving only the radiance of the twilight, some succeeded in knowing all the essential things to be remembered and to be understood by the heart but others got lost and failed to know the indispensable truth of life. We have encountered many things as high school students but still, our journey will not stop after this stage. And I’m very proud that we never lose hope when failures and disappointments come our way. We defended what we love, and fought for what we believed in. And as for you, the juniors, in a few more days, your job will be to continue the unfinished tasks we will leave behind as we sail in our respective ships to discover new oceans. In behalf of the...
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