Key Legislation & Codes of Practice Gscc

Topics: Discrimination, Sociology, Human rights Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: August 5, 2011
The importance of inclusive practice, in promoting equality and supporting diversity. Inclusion is the opposite of discrimination, by promoting inclusion we are supporting equality and diversity and challenging discrimination. Being able to accept and understand each other’s culture, race and religion is vital to successful social integration and a productive working environment. Equality means all people have the same value. I believe we shouldn’t treat people the same way. We need to recognise that people are individual’s and each individual has different needs. Promotion of equality means promoting equal opportunities for the service user. As professionals we need to put the service user centre to any situation they may find themselves in. For the importance of equality to take place within a health and social care setting we need to show an understanding of the concepts. These include tolerance, care values, Morals and rights, disadvantage. Within hospitals residential care homes and day care homes the concept of tolerance is one of the most important concepts which must be followed. Many different people are from different backgrounds and beliefs. As individuals we may not share the same beliefs or traditions as them. We do however need to act in a professional manner at all times. We must adhere to another person’s beliefs and respect their right to hold that belief or follow their tradition. With this said, we cannot allow our own beliefs to impact there’s and approach any situation with an open mind as there is two sides to each view or belief. Care values are the human rights of an individual (service user) I clarify this as; each person has the right to dignity, privacy and is shown respect. To be treated equal as an individual, allowing them to communicate in their own method, protected from harm and cared for in a way that meets their own needs and choices. Each of us is entitled to basic human rights. Researching the human rights act 2000, some of...
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