Key Issues in It Professional Communication

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Key Issues in IT Professional Communication

The definition of communication is the transmission of messages, social interaction through messages, and reciprocal creation of meaning in a context, sharing of meaning through information, ideas and feelings. And the communication that encompasses oral, written, and visual discipline within a work place context is called professional communication (Hinanawaz, 2009). In ancient time, when people could work on most of the everyday work on themselves, the importance of communication might not be that obvious. However, with the arrival of information era, people have to work with other people to complete their jobs and tasks, which have made the sharing of information more and more important (Sales, 2007). And this also results in a more urgent requirement to upgrade the communication skills in all kinds of industries. In order to facilitate the communication among people, a profound number of professional communication techniques and theories have been developed, which has dramatically change the way people talk or write to each other (Clarke, 2000). However, there are still some common issues in professional communication which prevents people from effectively sharing information between each other. In this essay, some of these issues will be discussed and possible solutions will be given.

The following issues will be discussed in this essay:

Ethical and Legal issues
IT professionals are delivering professional information to the IT customers or clients in a daily manner. They have the right to carry on their communication skills to let the audience understand what they are trying to express. However, the different understanding and usage of IT terminologies and concepts between IT clients and IT professionals may lead to misleading comments or statements which might result in wrong judge or decisions of the clients (Sales, 2007). In this part, the ethical and legal issues facing the IT professionals will be addressed and the possible solution on how to regulate these kinds of communication and avoid the issues will be covered.

Due to the technology barrier which prevents the non-IT people from knowing exactly about the IT technologies, it is up to the IT professionals to determine what to let the others know, and whether to tell them the truth (Floyd, 2006). Therefore, ethical issues are introduced to the IT professionals during their communication with clients and customers.

“Ethics are a complicated composition of beliefs and regulations that direct people in their everyday activities” (Rhonda, 2011). Almost all of the individuals follow the ethics they believe in both in their personal lives and during their work. Building up a code of ethics in the communication for information technology professionals helps them to communicate with each other ethically and responsibly according to their real thoughts, their personal knowledge, and the information they have in hand (Rhonda, 2011). A code of ethics document rules the standards for what kind of communication is expected from the IT professionals. It outlines what is considered as right and what is wrong by using accurate words, such as "always" or "never", so that the rules can be as clear as possible (Rhonda, 2011).

An inspired IT professional should also be encouraged to keep update with the latest technologies so that they have a better understanding of the field they are expert in, which makes them more capable of carrying out their ethics when communicating with and educating the non-IT people (Clarke, 2000). Today's human resource consists of people who come from all kinds of nationality, culture, religion, age, education, and socioeconomic status. These people gather together for the same working group or business organization with various backgrounds, values, goals, and perceptions of acceptable behaviors. In this kind of working environment, it is more important for the...

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