Key Events Leading to Revolutionary War

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Townshend Acts Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: July 20, 2005
Events Leading to the Revolutionary War
In the 18th century, world advances were made through ones connections. The closer relationship one had with the king, the better opportunity they have. Cronyism allows people with less talent to rise in society. However, living in colonies reduced the influence of cronyism. One could rise economically and socially through hard work and good fortune. In Britain, King George III appointed George Grenville as first minister with responsibility for solving the debt crisis of the Seven Years' war. The British at home were highly taxed so it seemed reasonable to tax the Americans as well. The Parliament taxing the colonists without representation led to some of the key events leading to the American Revolution. The Stamp Act was a tax created by the Parliament that required people to buy stamps for paper transactions such as newspapers, legal documents and playing cards. The stamps were to be bought only with specie, which was hard to get because it was scarce. The colonists mostly used paper money or credit. This tax affected everyone in the colonies, from the wealthy to the poor, to business owners, to lawyers, and even commoners. Colonial assemblies saw the stamp act as infringement on their power. Not even people with authority in the colonies had a say on these taxes. Other groups saw it as a nuisance and as legislation that could increase cronyism and dependence on political connections. The colonists protested against the Stamp Act; they threatened and attacked the people who distributed the stamps and formed groups to lead protests. The "Sons of Liberty" was a group who led some of the protests and also organized networks to boycott British goods. In 1776 the Stamp Act was repealed. The king and the Parliament both agreed that the Stamp Act was a bad idea but still felt that the colonists needed to be taxed. The Parliament then put out the Declatory Act which asserts the right to tax Britain including...
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