Key Economic Issues Over The 20th Century In East Africa Analysis

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In this section, I will discuss key economic issues over the 20th century in Eastern Africa. I have used the UN sub region classification of Eastern Africa1 as many cultures define it differently. These nations specifically belong in the sub-region:

The East of Africa generally causes people to recall colonisation of the 19th century, however apart from nations who were still under the control of a parent country, very little new colonies emerged, and the ones that did where short lived during the first and second world wars with German and Italian East Africa. However, the 20th century tells a story of decolonization, freedom, war and genocide. In total there was a total of 28 wars, 17 civil wars, 4 international conflicts, 2 conquests, 5...

Policies such as forced villigization were implemented under the Ujamaa scheme (as it was named at the time). Vast swathes of the nation where nationalized and the economy became controlled. The government was the biggest employer by 1967 and the regime of high taxes and increased red tape meant corruption and bribes were rife10. With no figures available up until after the fall of this government in 1985 it is not known what the economy was doing but it generally held that the government fell due to war with Uganda and the dire depletion of the countries resources that followed the...

Africans were looking at middle-class employment and it was here that the colonial modernization started to seep into the hearts of the people. The settlers were not just changing the structure or the nation, but the people too. By 1952 a rebellion brought back the right too grow coffee for Africans after strong military resistance by the British. Then by 1962 the colony became independent, and was split into 7 regions with their own level of...
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