Key Concepts in Media and Communication

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Individually, use the key concepts introduced in the module to produce a written critical analysis (2,000 – 2,500 words) that analyses the media object that you produced during the 72-Hour Challenge. If you did not take part in the production of a the Challenge, you should choose one media object (an advertisement, a film, a radio play etc.) and use the key concepts to analyse that instead. You must remember:

· that this is not an evaluation of the process of production but of the finished media object: we do not want you to produce a description of the process but to analyse and reflect upon the finished media object that your group produced · to provide a clear link to the media object in your written analysis: we do not want just a description of the key concepts but, rather, for you to describe the key concepts and apply them to your own media object · to use the key concepts from the in this analysis: institutions, contexts of production, narrative, genre and representation · use the readings suggested to back up your own analysis

· use the Harvard Referencing system to correctly lay out your bibliography Assessment Criteria
The assessment criteria for the assignment are as follows:
1. Demonstrate an informed understanding of the meaning, significance, application and implications of a series of key concepts; What you need to do to get marks for this assessment criterion is: · Have a good understanding of the key concepts explored in the module · Understand why they are key concepts

· What the limitations and problems of such concepts are
· Introduce this understanding into your written evaluation 2. Demonstrate a critically informed awareness of the historical context of such concepts and their application in various disciplines and genres; What you need to do to get marks for this assessment criterion is: · How, why and where, the concepts...
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