Kevin Durant Case Study

Topics: Basketball, National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls / Pages: 5 (1160 words) / Published: Mar 11th, 2018
The athlete for selection is Kevin Durant. He plays professional basketball at Seattle Supersonics. The 29-year-old has a reputation for adoring Kobe Bryant in basketball. He aspires recognition as one of the greatest in the game. At present, the athletes meet the requirements of professionalism but need additional training to attain the highest level of the game. The psychological approach that improves the cognitive is mandatory in the progression of the athlete. The strength of the athlete is that he is humble and devotes to spirituality. He has stable socio support systems. He has established a reputation as the reliable forward for Seattle Supersonics, but improvements are necessary for the realization of the goal of becoming a legend …show more content…
Afterward, the goal setting should follow. The goal skills must align with psychological abilities identified for improvement. The goal identified is improving the psychological skills that affect performance in difficult situations since weaknesses in the areas hinder the realization of the goal of becoming a legendary figure in the sport. In the case of Kevin Durant, the aim is increasing proficiency in the game to ensure accomplishments of records similar to legendary basketball players. It is necessary training Kevin stress management strategies to cope with the difficulties that hinder the realization of the set objectives during games. He confronts challenges maintaining clam or working with teammates in times of disagreement on the positioning on the pitch. The schedule for the program must identify areas of critical importance in the excellence of the athlete. The last step of the program is an evaluation to check the realization of the set …show more content…
The typical strategies for acquisition (guiding the process) include engaging the player in friendly matches then testing the competencies in the areas identified. The utilization of stress management tools must ensure that the coping strategies for recommendation are aligning to the player’s cognitive abilities (Chee, 2010). The exploitation of nutritional approaches and meditation tactics is preferable in the case of Kevin Durant. The process should exploit players desire to belong to social support aiming at exploiting the player's weaknesses in strengthening position at the pitch. It is advisable encouraging the player to interact with reputable names in the games. He can share content with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan among many other figures to share experiences. The alignment of the strategy with nutritional habits is helpful in improving the cognitive

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