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The addiction to ketamine is a very strong mental bond. What occurs when a person uses ketamine is called disassociation. They become separate from themselves. The feeling that comes with this is an extreme feeling of euphoria followed by a near death feeling. These episodes of consciousness perforation can become extremely psychologically addicting. This addiction is one of the mind. Unlike opiates, which are physically addicting, ketamine has its grips on the mind.

Short Term Effects of Ketamine Abuse – Small Doses
* Inebriation
* Euphoria
* Clumsiness
* Delayed reactions or sensations
* Vertigo
* Erotic feelings
* Visuals
* Analgesia
* Loss of motor coordination
* Loss of time perception
* Increase in heart rate
* Confusion, disorientation
Short Term Effects of Ketamine Abuse – Large Doses
* Intense mind-body dissociation
* out-of-body experiences
* highly realistic visuals
* Euphoria
* Ketamine addiction
* Complete dissociation
* Black outs
* Psychedelic visions or hallucinations
* Near death experiences
* Difficulty moving
* Nausea
* Amnesia
* Panic
* Rage
* Slurred speech
* Nausea
* Vomiting
Long Term Effects of Ketamine Abuse
* Ketamine addiction
* Depression
* Delirium
* Impaired motor function
* Memory loss
* High blood pressure
* Fatal respiratory problems
* Severe confusion
* Paranoia
* Egocentrism
* Severe dissociation
* Loss of consciousness
* Depression of heart rate
* Depression of respiration
* Death

 Ketamine Treatment
Ketamine treatment is a process; this process is undertaken on many different aspects of the addiction. Ketamine treatment is here to offer hope. If you or someone you love is addicted to ketamine then ketamine treatment is the only thing that may save their life.

1. Awareness of the disease of addiction

2. Actual ketamine treatment
i) Detox stage
This is where the body is cleaned out from the toxin of ketamine. The body will do this naturally, yet it is not an easy task. It should be performed under close supervision of a highly trained staff. The reason for this is due to the fact that the addict will want to use again. If they are under supervision this can be prevented. Because once the addict uses the drug again, the process must begin again. iii) recovery

The user is placed in group therapy with other ketamine addicts. This helps them feel emotionally secure, due to the fact that they are not alone. In one-on-one counseling they can assess their problem honestly in a private environment. And in family counseling they can begin to mend the broken ties of their close family members. iv) physical recovery

The correct nutrition plan for each addict is selected and followed. They begin to go on walks and begin to play games. This builds up their physical body and helps them feel better about themselves.

With ketamine treatment the user can gain confidence in themselves and their ability to stay sober. Ketamine use can lead to a permanent perforation of the consciousness, or worse- death. Many people die from the over use of this drug.

Overview of the 12 Steps for Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addiction 1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to...
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