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TOR – KESC: Case Study for Improvement

MBA Project: Spring 2012 – Summer 2012

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Dr. Nasir AfghanM. Armaghan Munir
Syed Khurshand Iqbal
M. Adnan Ali
M. Saad Bhutta
Danish Ahmed

TOR – KESC: Case Study for Improvement
Project Motivation:

Karachi Electric Supply Company is the sole electric power supplier in Karachi city. Though it enjoys the monopoly in the town, but for past 10 years, it has been facing serious issues in generating and distributing the demanded power supplies to the City. The motivation as business students to pursue the project for the improvement in current KESC conditions is driven from the fact that prevailing problems at Karachi Electric Supply Company is badly affecting the industries in the city. Business community in the city is now loosing the investment and growing concern interests, which had been previously the utmost appeal in this industrial heart of the country. On the other hand, internal financial issues in the company and their inability to capitalize on the resources efficiently are causing the increased power tariffs every year. Just over last 3 years, industrial power tariff has almost doubled; badly affecting the cost of goods produced in the industries bringing an overall economic distress in the city trickling up to the country economy.

Scope - Aims and Objectives:

Acknowledging the fact that Karachi Electric Supply Company is facing several internal and external factor issues, our scope is to identify and analyze the top four major issues causing power shortage to the city. These issues may either be pure financial, pure administrative or related to any other domain of KESC but the focus would be on those that are impacting most to the company’s performance and its power generation and distribution. Hence, our aim is to identify concrete areas of opportunities in current company setup and propose practicable recommendations along with the quantification...
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