Kes the Play

Topics: Barry Hines, Kes, Ken Loach Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: November 3, 2011
In this assignment I am writing about the play called”kes”how Barry Hines the author of Kes brought his characters to life. He has gone into great detail and time to produce this play by trying to bring his characters to reality by their language , the surroundings of that area and the clothing they wear. The area where this scene is set is in a rough, unpleasant place, Barnsley. Although Barnsley is local to us, it is an industrial working class area were poor unwealthy people go to work and try to make end meet to feed their families. All these characters show how they act as normal on an ordinary day, because Barry Hines needed to get across the description that effect his characters in the play. Billy did not have a good relationship between his family his mom and brother. His mom does not care for Billy, all she wants to do is go to parities and knockabout with men, this shows that her children don’t come first in her life. Billy clothes are dirty and appalling with wholes and stains in them because he doesn’t wash his clothes. In the morning when he wakes up his mom doesn’t leave tea in the pot for him and tells him to go to the shop for her to buy cigs, before he goes to school, so Billy will be late, Billy runs out the house and goes to school after having an argument with his mom to go to the shop for cigs. His mom doesn’t have any money for him for hi school dinner because she spent it the night before or she needs it for the night ahead. Billys brother Jud steals his snap for school and takes his bike so Billy’s got nothing for school. Jud went out one night and got really drunk when he came home, Jud woke Billy up to undress him because he was too drunk to do it himself, it is the only way Billy can get his own back by slapping and shouting at him “you drunken sow og pig bastard.

Billys school life is not much better than his home life; his school is run down, horrible and dirty. He thinks the whole world is against him and does get along with...
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