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Keratin is a protein in hair, nails, and skin. Keratin is produced by living cells called keratinocytes, and these cells from our outside to protect the skin, hair, and nails. Keratin is needed in our body is to protect cells from any stressors that could result in cell damage and death. Keratin is the most abundant protein in the epithelial cells because the skin is the body's primary barrier against the environment. Keratin also keeps the skin elastic. Keratin is found in our hair, skin, and nails.Keratinization is the organic process by which keratin is deposited in cells and the cells become nails and hair. Keratinization starts when protein in the form of food is digested and the body breaks it down into amino acids. The cells enter the blood stream and are carried to the papilla and the matrix at the base of the follicle where the cells are formed that will eventually create hair. Keratin complex, Brazilian blow out, chocolate keratin, and strawberry keratin are all keratin treatments. Keratin complex was the original keratin Treatment that helps to eliminate frizz and adds curl and shine, silkiness, and condition to the hair. The Brazilian Blow Out keratin treatment is similar to the keratin complex and it turns frizzy, damaged, and curly hair into smooth straight locks by applying keratin formula. People need these treatments to help restore and keep...
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