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This project is concerned with the study of the market potential of coconut oil. This project work is carried out in KERAFED, a public sector company engaged in the production of coconut oil

Market potential of coconut oil means the maximum possible sales of coconut oil in the market. The study is an attempt to analyze the market potential of coconut oil. This study helps to know about the existing market demand of coconut oil. The study is done to known the various brands of coconuts oil used by the respondents. This is used to analyze the market potential of coconut oil. This may help in the marketing and production of good quality coconut oil of KERAFED LTD. This particular company is selected for the study because it is a growing company. 1.1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Indian coconut oil industry is witnessing a sea change over the last few years. After the opening up of Indian coconut oil industry, the competition the market is on high ends. The single most consequence was the

emergence of private sector companies. At this backdrop, it becomes relevant to study the market potential of KERA oil products in the Kerala market. .1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

Primary objective
The primary objective is found out market potential of various coconut oil brands and feedback on the product. Secondary objective
1. To ascertain the brand preference of coconut oil
2. To collect opinion from various respondents about the quality of coconut oil manufactured by KERAFED 3. To collect opinion about the pricing of coconut oil.
4. To examine the factors influencing consumer choice
This study helps to ascertain the present market position of the company and help the company in its efforts of creating demand of the product. This study helps to collect information about the preference of respondents and factors which makes them to choose the brand, and the Company can concentrate more on these factors to increase the brand image. The company can formulate a price policy by taking into consideration the opinion of the respondents about the current price.

Research methodology is a process by which the researcher can solve the research problem systematically. It may be understood as a science of study how research is done scientifically. A detailed discussion was carried over with the methodology as part of study market potential of coconut oil. In this unit the research discussed about the research design, researched approach, and research instrument and research period. a) Research design

Research design is a framework that helps in the collection and analysis of data. The research chooses for this study is design was used to compare extensively the different brands of coconut oil available in the market. b) Research Approach

The survey is conducted with the help of questionnaire for data collection. C) Research Instrument
The research instrument use for the study is questionnaire. There are open end and closed end questions.

d) Research Period
The duration of the study was from 08-11-2011 to -07-12-2011

The data sources used for this study through data collection of primary and secondary data. PRIMARY SOURCE: Primary source are those, which are collected afresh and for the first time, and this happened to be original in character. The data for this study is collected through survey among peoples in two districts. SECONDARY SOURCE: It includes those data, which are collected for some earlier work and are applied or usable in the study. In this study the research has presently undertaken. The data for collected from the secondary sources are previous researches, company catalogues, Internet sites, company profile etc. 1.6 SAMPLE DESIGN

a) Sample unit: is the element or elements available for selection at some stages of sample process i.e. a decision has to be taken concerning...
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