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May 15, 2013

Hey Friend,

I want to invite you to take a journey with me.

If you haven’t heard already, I’m going to Kenya, Africa from August 16th – 30st! And if I can be honest with you about my emotions, I’m definitely nervous but even more so, I’m beyond excited to be a part of a real, live, daring missions outreach opportunity with the kids and people of Kenya!

Some of you know my story of where I’ve been & what I’ve done. Matter of fact, a lot of you may have seen for yourselves or walked alongside me during the transformation that God has and is still working out inside of me. Going from a life of meaninglessness due to the lack of identity of who I was, to a life of purpose & love from an identity of who He is and who I am in Him. Through that transformation God is working in me, an aching desire to see people’s lives changed through finding an identity in God has been growing more & more inside me. My hope is that not only would God add more fuel to that fire, but that I would be able to help the kids & people of Kenya find identity and hope in a place that doesn’t always call for one, Africa.

I never dreamed or even would have dared to think that I would be going out in such a huge way as this. But God is doing something new in my life, moving things from my head to my heart & enlarging my heart to make them fit! He’s taking me outside of myself to partner with a wonderful group of other men & women to go & serve in whatever way is needed & for just a few short weeks, be an ambassador of love, encouragement & good news for Jesus Christ.

The main reason for going is to assist an organization called ELI - (Empowering Lives International) in putting together a week long camp for Kenyan youth in Kipkaren (which is in western Kenya, not too far from the Ugandan border). I can do camps! I’ve heard that Kenyans love to play games and do crafts, which opens an avenue of opportunities not only to entertain the kids but to love on & build...
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