Kentucky Fried Chicken History

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most world-renowned fast food restaurants in the world, and remains the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. Today there are more than 13,000 chains around the world in 90 different countries and territories. The national KFC base is in Louisville, Kentucky. Around 8 million people are served at a KFC every single day. Timeline

1890 ' Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of the KFC Corporation, was born. 1932 ' Colonel Sanders developed his special blend of 11 spices and herbs, which marked the beginning of his famous Original Recipe chicken. 1935 ' The Colonel became known as the Kentucky Colonel; this name is what later became incorporated in the name Kentucky Fried Chicken. 1939 ' After years spent improving the quality of his products, the Colonel improved his chicken frying process drastically by purchasing a pressure cooker. 1950 ' A highway was built right through the Colonel's town where his chicken business was'so he shut the business down and lived off his social security checks. 1952 ' He couldn't stay away - the chicken was so good that Colonel Sanders began traveling across the country, selling his chicken to restaurant patrons at a nickel apiece. This allowed his to begin franchising his special blend of spices for his chicken.

1964 ' Colonel Sanders sold the KFC franchising corporation, now doing rather well, to John Brown Jr. for $2 million. At this point in time, there were more than 600 KFC franchises in the USA. 1966 ' KFC went public with its franchises and special chicken recipe. 1969 ' KFC was listed on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time. 1971 ' Heublin, Inc. acquired over 3,500 Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises for the petty sum of $285 million. 1973 ' The first KFC opened overseas, Malaysia being the first lucky recipient of the American owned and operated corporation. 1976 ' Colonel Sanders received an award for becoming the world's second most recognizable celebrity. 1980 ' Sadly, Colonel Sanders passed away. However, his legacy carried on and is still widely recognized today. 1982 ' R.J. Reynolds bought Heublin Inc., and in turn KFC became a subsidiary of RJR. 1986 ' PepsiCo acquired the KFC Corporation from R.J. Reynolds for $840 million. 1995 ' KFC started an award program, the Colonel's Way Award, to recognize senior citizens that are living life to the fullest and do all they can despite their age. 1997 ' PepsiCo announced its spin-off of fast-food restaurants, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W, and Long John Silvers, into a separate company entirely ' Tricon Global Restaurants. 2000 ' KFC founded the Colonel's Kids Charity to help kids afford education and get a good start in life 2002 ' Tricon Global became Yum! Brands, Inc., which it remains to this day. 2005 ' Today there are 13,266 KFC franchises around the world, 5,525 in the U.S. alone.

External Environment

Gregg C. Dedrick, age 45, President of KFC Corp. Many individual owners of franchises and establishments around the globe Yum! Brands, Inc. owns KFC Corp. today

Consumers continue to return to KFC because of the quality and good prices of their food KFC has a lot of fans and continues to grow to provide better customer service -Suppliers

Companies who provide KFC with raw materials and chicken -Competitors
Chick-fil-a is KFC's biggest competitor, and quickly growing in popularity

Other competitors include AFC Enterprises and McDonald's
-Indirectly Interactive Forces
State and government taxes
Economic situation and food availability
Legal and political guidelines for animal treatment
Mission Statement
'Recognition: we find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun doing it,' is right up there with 'Customer Focus' and 'Belief In People.' "Recognition is everybody's...
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