Kennewick Man

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Columbia River, Bone Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Kennewick Man

Two young men took a shortcut along the Columbia River. They found what they thought was a rock but it was actually a skull. The skulls lead local police to launch an investigation. It might be a murder or suicide still unsolved. It was not unusual to find the skull on Indian burial grounds. The skull was sent to scientist Jim Chatters. They found out the skull was very young because it was very hard. And the skull appears European not Native American and show that it has been a few hundred years old. Jim Chatters believed that they have found a skull of an early nineteen century settler. The first clue was in the pelvis, it had a narrow notch which means it was a male. Chatters will now call this Kennewick Man. Over 10 trips he would find over 350 bone fragments. About 70% of the skeleton was found, only the small bones were missing. He estimated that Kennewick was about 45 years old. He measured the femur which usually tells the height and found out Kennewick was 5 ft. 8in. And that estimated his weight which was about 160 pounds.

Kennewick man had a rough life. He had a lot of injuries in his life. Then Chatters found something strange embedded in the pelvis. He then takes a x-ray vision on the pelvis but then the thing embedded is invisible, it was obviously not metal. He than takes a CAT scan that shoots from different angles and views, revealing anything from stone to plastic. Chatters assumed what was buried a nineteen century settler, he finds and ancient spear point. The spear point was considered a cascade point which was most commonly used 5-9,000 years ago. It didn’t kill Kennewick because it healed in his hip. They carved the bones and try to find out how old Kennewick is, they found that Kennewick was over 9,000 years old. A man who lived before 7,000 BC. And one of the oldest Americans ever found. But with his unusual face he doesn’t look like a Native.

For only for days after Kennewick was found, the bones were...
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