Kennedy Era

Topics: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1. Explain why the civil rights movement of the 1960’s became more radical and violent as the decade progressed. What changes occurred in the motives, assumptions, and leadership of the movement? * The civil rights movement in the 1960’s became more radical for President Kennedy promised to help desegregate more public places and support the civil rights movement but his slowness in actually helping the movement made the groups take more action to draw more attention to them. Such as the Freedom ride and what happened in Anniston and Birmingham where people firebombed and beat up the freedom riders on the buses. The riots caused attention to the movement and further action for it. Also then Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. had a fruitful relationship as they helped to support each other. Also an African American named James Meredith enrolled to Old Miss College but was prevented and beaten, but President Kennedy stepped in to help and sent troops to escort James Meredith to and from school. The changes in the Civil Rights Movement was that the members wanted more equality in public places as well, which led to tensions between them and the anti-civil rights people, causing more violence and chaos. 2. Assess America’s role in Vietnam in the 1960’s, considering: a. Diem’s assassination - Americas role in the Diem assassination was that President Kennedy at first sent American forces to South Vietnam to help protect Diem from the communists long enough to allow him to enact basic social reforms favored by the Americans, but Kennedy eventually despaired of the reactionary Diem and encouraged a coup against him. b. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution – Was a result of Northern Vietnamese fired in self-defense on American Naval ships, but Johnson called it unprovoked. With the Tonkin Resolution Congress virtually abdicated their war declaring powers and handed the president a blank check to use further force in Southeast...
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