Topics: Sugar, Sucrose, Acid, Food, Honey, Teeth / Pages: 5 (1054 words) / Published: Jan 8th, 2013
Practice Writing Paper One

Writing Task 1
The line graph above is telling us how sweet foods can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by the high level acidity which is below 5.5 ph level in our mouth which is produced by those sweet foods. The graph shows us the relationship between the ph level of acidity and the time elapsed after eating sweet foods. At this graph, there are 3 tested sweet foods: fruit sugar, cane sugar and honey. These sweet foods could cause different acid levels in mouth when they are consumed.
In the first 5 minutes when somebody consumes honey, the acidity level will increase approximately 2 levels of ph, while when the other consumes fruit, it will dropped around 3 levels of ph, and even 3.5 level of ph when eating cane sugar. For honey consumption, the next 5 minutes the ph level will remain constant at ph level of 4.75. At 15 following minutes, the ph level will increased gradually and will be stabilized at ph level of 7 in the next minutes. Whereas, if someone eats fruit sugar, it will need about 30 minutes for the ph level to rise slowly and level off at ph level of 7, yet cane sugar needs around 35 minutes to get ph level of 7.
To sum up, the most destructive effect to the teeth comes from cane sugar which takes the ph level below 5.5 at approximately 32 minutes. At the next minutes the ph level is projected still to rise slowly and not yet stabilized. When somebody consume sweet foods, especially candies, it is better to brush the teeth as soon as possible to make our mouth acidity stay normal for the avoidance of tooth decay. (285)
Writing Task 2
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