Kelly Slater Pipe Dreams

Topics: Surfing, Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: May 9, 2006
"I thought, Pfft, come on. People from Australia are world champions…But a world champion from Florida? Fuhgeddaboutit." There is a surfer that once said this. Not one surfer from Hawaii, Australia, not even California, but from the small town (which is now a huge town thanks to him) of Coco Beach in Florida…Kelly Slater (and for the record, his real name is Robert Kelly Slater, but once he saw the movie Bad News Bears, where the coolest kid's name was Kelly, he kept his original name) emerged and broke surfing history forever. Starting out as a young boy, Kelly would follow his brother Sean surfing and work his way up to become the best there is. The book takes place around the 70's-80's where you learn about the goods and bads of the Slater life.

Kelly Slater (or Robert Kelly Slater, whatever he would prefer in this manner) is a seven time world champion in the surfing world. He has won an incredible amount of contests including the ASP tour, X-Games, and of course since the name of the book is Pipe (short for Pipe Line, Hawaii, the worlds biggest and most intense wave break) Pipe Masters. Besides this biography of his surfing life, Kelly has not really wrote any other books. This Coco Beach local is now the top of WCT. Since we have other surfers like Taj Burrow (my favorite surfer of all time), A.I. (short for Andy Irons) and lets never forget Jack Johnson, all we can do is route for Kelly. Kelly has surfed since he was seven so he is getting into the mode of retiring, but either how he has left an extreme impression on the surfing world for all times
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