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Topics: Keith Urban, Be Here, You're My Better Half Pages: 3 (582 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Madison Fisher
English 1002
Prof. Myers
25 April 2015
Visual Analysis Essay

For the first CD cover analysis, I decided to analyze this kind of music to see how this would reflect the kind that the artist is trying to symbolize. This album, “Be Here” by Keith Urban, is a country genre. Although, it still has the style of being in black and white and also tells you a bit about what the music is like just by seeing the image. The clearest part of this cover is that the artist is the main focus point on the cover. This is done so that the artist can promote himself and his music, which allows people to know who he is.

The title of the album and the artist’s name as we can see is a very urban country style as the style of writing has been presented with the style making it very urban looking. The main part of the album which can be analyzed next is the real photograph itself, as we can see in this photograph, the artist is being presented in an old style car, showing off the country theme. The artists scene presented in this photo shows the usual country singer that wears shirts, the theme of the vehicle that was put into the album cover alongside the artist himself makes the album seem to be calm and relaxing, as well as, meaningful music to listen too.

However, the background is simple yet reflects the theme very well, showing a country road with the fencing down the side of the album. This helps to set the scene and focuses our attention onto the photo itself detecting what music this certain artist sings and performs.

The artist’s name is displayed at the top on the album in the left-hand corner. It has been presented on a black background, written in white making it stand out and be seen. As it is his name it needs to stand out from the album itself to ensure that the viewer’s know who the singer is. The album cover name is also written in the same font, being the same size and same color doesn’t distract...

Cited: “Be Here.” 24 April 2015.
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