Keith Henderson

Topics: Babysitting, Mother, Infant Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Unit One Paper
Taking a look at infant children in a care facility would require an experimental research study to determine what effects it has on the mother and child relationship. You would first need to look at three to four different mothers and their infants, and collect some data on them such as; age, family size, and ethnicity. A 3 week old infant verses a 5 month old infant being cared for in a child care facility could reap different results. Finally take a look at mothers who stay home with their children than examine what kind of relationship and bond is evident verses infants who are placed in Day Care during the first few months of life. From the first day a child is left at a care center you can instantly see what kind of bond they have with their parent once they leave. When they have a secure bond they exhibit distress once separated from their parent. The child knows they can depend out the parent, and they have trust and a comfort level with them. This new environment is unfamiliar and can leave the child feeling unsafe and scared. Children who have an avoidant bond will show no preference when being cared for by a new caregiver verses their own parent; this can also be a result of detachment from the primary caregiver or neglect. The results from this investigation with all the data provided and following up after a year may suggest that a child may have a more insecure bond between them and the mother and may show more signs of behavioral issues once in preschool and also lead to secure attachment problems. Child care facilities aren’t all bad though; kids are shown to have a better vocabulary, better social skills, and a higher cognitive development. On the flip side we can look at infants who never attend these facilities and are cared for by a parent primarily. These kids will have a harder time developing social skills, will have a high attachment with the parent, and become needier. These kids are also shown to be more under...
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