keeping young people healthy

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Keeping Young People Healthy
Christine Quinn
Grand Canyon UniversityFamily centered Health PromotionNRS-429VKimberly HareOctober 26, 2014 Tile of paper goes here Health promotion and disease prevention are on the forefront of today’s healthcare agenda. With ever increasing number, chronic illnesses are diagnosed in younger patients. Educating people and helping them make positive life changes can be challenging when they are so set in their ways. (Edelman, Kudzma, & Mandle, 2013) This paper’s purpose is to propose that health education and prevention be addressed before chronic issues arise. To focus on the young adult faction of society specifically. Health promotion, also known as the primary healthcare model, is designed to foster an overall sense of well-being, not just the absence of illness. It is any action taken to help people gain the knowledge and capacity to make good decisions in their life. By proxy, this enables them to take control of and improve their health. Health Promotion encompasses education, healthcare policies, and federal programs all changing to support the idea of overall wellness as opposed to the older model of diagnose and treat. (GCU, 2011) “Young adulthood (age 18–44) is an optimal time to promote health, ideally before illness has developed. It is also a time period when many life course transitions occur and may provide the framework for “teachable moments.”(Ainsworth & Ananian, 2013, p. 39) Considering the time nurses spend with patients, they are in a position to embrace health promotion and use these “teachable moments” to help patients achieve optimal health. The nursing role has evolved to meet the demands of today’s healthcare. In the past, nurses were mainly focused on taking care of a patient’s physical needs. Now, with health promotion, nurses are required to look at the patient’s whole picture. They are required to assess and address contributing factors that might impede a patient’s...

References: Ainsworth, B. E., & Ananian, C. D. (2013, 02/2013). Wellness Matters: Promoting Health in Young Adults. Kinesiology Review, 2(1), 39.Edelman, C., Kudzma, E., & Mandle, C. (2013). Health Education. In Health Promotion through the Lifespan (8th ed.). Canyon University (GCU) (2011). NRS 429V Lecture2 Health Promotion in Nursing Care [Lecture notes]. Retrieved from Grand Canyon University: gcu.eduKnopper, M. (, 12/2010). Health Promotion? Yeah, There Are Apps for That! Clinician Reviews, 20(12), 28-30. Retrieved from, A. (, 12/2010). Transforming the nation’s health: next steps in mental health promotion. American Journal of Public Halth, 2343-6.
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