Keeping You a Secret

Topics: Love, Black-and-white films, American films Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: November 30, 2005
Holland Jaeger seems to have a nice life, she's very smart, a very good swimmer also she has a very loving boyfriend and their relationship goes well. Her mom expects a lot from her, she wants her to be a girl who goes to school, girl gets good grades, girl goes to Harvard or Stanford or Antioch College, girl meets boy, girl gets married, gets great job, has children and lives happily ever after.

She loved her boyfriend very much, until one day when she sees a new girl in school. She couldn't take her mind off her and wanted to talk to her every time she saw her at her locker in the morning or in the only class they had together, but she was way to shy. She knew that her name was Cece and she started to be jealous on a girl Brandi who was talking to her and always sitting to her.

Everything started to change from there, she stopped loving her boyfriend and pushing him away, also her best friends started to see that she changed, that something got into her because she started to be weird, her friends started to think that she was ignoring and that she didn't like them anymore. She was afraid to tell them that she was in love with a girl, that she was a lesbian but she did started to show her true self.

Her friends were shocked but her mom could believe that her own daughter was a lesbian and she kicked her out of the house because she couldn't accept her for what she was. Holland did try to talk to her, see if maybe she changed her mind if she will allow her to live with her in the house but her mom doesn't she still does not accept her sexuality and believes this is a

terrible way to live.
When she got kicked out she went to the only person that she loved and wanted to be with, her girlfriend Cece. After living at her house for a while she realizes that the life she wants is with Cece, regardless of her mother's disapproval. They moved in a apartment together and try their best to support themselves.

My main character is Holland and I really...
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