Keeping Rape Victims Anonymous

Topics: Emotion, Rape, Victimisation Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: October 1, 2010
Running head: Keeping Rape Victims Anonymous.

In rape trials, the names of victims should not be released to the public. Rape victims have been through more than they deserve to begin with. There is no reason their names need to be released to the public. Rape is a different type of crime, it leaves the victim with emotions and feeling I cannot even begin to describe. If the victim of a rape decides to go public with their name that is their decision, but it should be left up to them. I would never assume what the victim of a sexual assault goes through physically or emotionally following their attack. I believe victims of a sexual assault would be left feeling alone, hurt, violated, confused , Just to name a few of the emotions they may be trying to deal with. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes in the United States with about half going unreported, according to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). Many researchers, aside from the obvious trauma involved in such cases, are beginning to attribute this natural unwillingness to report to authorities because of the media’s treatment of the victim’s identity and the subsequent feeling that they need to hide who they are. However, according to a survey conducted by The National Women’s Study, half of rape victims reported that they would be “a lot more likely to report” to police if there were a law prohibiting the media from disclosing their names and identities. The biggest worry victims are concerned with is whether someone will believe their story. I believe this happens much in part that rape is a crime in which people still tend somehow to blame the victim,” Gartner said. “One reason is that the press puts this mystery around it by refusing the name.” The problem is that no matter how reputable an alleged victim may be, something negative in her background could always be found and used against her. No one is completely without mistakes in judgment, and events...

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