Keeping Marijuana Illegal

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Keeping Marijuana Illegal1

Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

Keeping Marijuana Illegal2
Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal
Marijuana is proven to contain more than 400 chemicals. Throughout time, it has been used to eliminate pain. Marijuana became illegal in the 1930s when it became known as an intoxicant drug and a dangerous narcotic. Along with becoming illegal came the restrictions of growth, sales, and consumption. Marijuana has many negative side effects mental and physical. Marijuana has been used by millions of people who continually use it on a regular basis even though it is illegal. This essay will describe and analyze what marijuana is, how it affects the body, what happens to the body when an overdose happens, the dangers of using just a small amount of this drug, and where marijuana comes from.

Where does marijuana come from?
Marijuana is known as a psychoactive drug made from flowers and dried leaves of the hemp plant (cannabis sativia). The use of marijuana dates back to thousands of years. The first written accounts of marijuana have been found in Chinese records. These records date back to 28 B.C. This suggests that Chinese cultures have been growing marijuana for more than 2,000 years. Egyptian mummies have been found to contain traces of THC, which is the main component of marijuana. Marijuana made its way to the United States in the 1840s. People used marijuana as a pain reducer and to induce sleep until newer drugs such as “asprin” came out. Marijuana has been classified as a, “Schedule I substance,” which means it has a higher chance that it will be abused. Because of its status, it is against the law to grow, sell, buy, or possess this drug in the United States. Anyone caught breaking this law can face penalties ranging from high fines to imprisonment. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually by the federal government, state government, and local communities on educating young adults informing them of the dangers marijuana has on the body. Marijuana is also known as weed, pot, smoke, reefer, joints, grass, Cannabis tea Marijuana, African woodbine marijuana cigarette, and Fly. The body Keeping Marijuana Illegal3

can be affected by marijuana when taken into the body in three different ways. How is marijuana used?
Marijuana can be used by smoking, eating, or drinking. The most common uses of marijuana are Cigarettes, Cigars and pipes. Cigarettes or, “joints” are dried buds rolled up. Cigars or, “blunts” are used by removing the current contents and replaced with marijuana. Pipes are similar to those used to smoke tobacco. Drinking marijuana is not commonly done since it takes longer to get the effects of the drug because the stomach needs to absorb it first before going into the blood stream. Out of the 400 chemicals in this drug the most powerful one is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). THC belongs to the category called cannabinoids. THC is one of 60 and is responsible for the, “high” sensation a person experiences. Many users explain the use of marijuana as the feeling of being relaxed and calm. The user’s eyes may start to dilate as well as enhance other senses. Reports of paranoia and panic have also been felt while using marijuana. The concentration and levels of potency depends on the environment in which marijuana is grown, along with genetics, how the drug is harvested, and how the drug is taken. Below is a graph showing how long the effects of THC can stay in the body when smoked, eaten, and drank as well as how long it takes to feel these effects once taken. Red = the start of effectsBlue = the length of effects 4 hr

3 hr
2 hr
1 hr
1 min

Smoked Eaten Drank

Keeping Marijuana Illegal 4
The information for this graph...

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