Keeping It to the Fairway - Harvard Business Case

Topics: Golf, Champions Tour, Discrimination Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: April 6, 2006
Keeping to the Fairway

The Keeping to the Fairway case study is a complex situation that needs to be handled in the correct manner. At issue, is whether or not a company named Pace Sterling should proceed with their sponsorship of a Champions Tour golf tournament. The reason why their support is being questioned has to do with the host golf club's (Dover Hill) membership policies. Dover Hill has been around for a hundred years and is a male only membership club. The WRO or Women's Rights Organization has been pressuring the Dover Hill golf club to change their membership policies regarding women for years. Since nothing has been done they are now challenging the Champions Tour to stop holding their most prestigious golf tournament at Dover Hill. As a result, sponsors of the tournament such as Pace Sterling must decide if they want to continue their sponsorship amid this ongoing dispute. Cases can be made for both continuing and discontinuing the sponsorship and both options will be presented in the following report. Following the evaluation of both views, a recommendation will be given as to what Pace Sterling's decision should be considering the evidence that has been presented.

Reasons Why They Should Continue to Sponsor the Tournament

•A good long lasting sponsorship of a top event is hard to find and always has its benefits. You can really build your brand with a good sponsorship through high profile recognition. •12 years is a long time to have a sponsorship and it will be hard to replace. The familiarity that has been gained through the two parties will be hard to rebuild with a different sponsorship. •It's hard to find events that offer the same ability to entertain clients. By taking clients and fellow employees to this event important relationships can be made. Personal time can be had with the client in a grandeur setting with the Pace Sterling logo taking centre stage. It is obviously a huge attraction for clients, as it was...
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