Keeping Gay Marriage Illegal

Topics: Marriage, Law, Family Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: November 12, 2008
The nation in which we live and which we protect was built centuries ago on one main premise: freedom. Freedom is a concept that all Americans, young and old, hold dearest to their hearts. The question at hand, therefore, is not one of whether or not homosexuality should be allowed – this is an undeniable freedom. The matter with which we are faced includes the consequences of legalizing gay marriage, which include a deconstructed family structure, setting an excessively open precedent, and establishing an unfair situation for heterosexual marriages, among other problems. Undoubtedly, the extraordinarily negative repercussions of legalizing and proliferating gay marriage make it a step that is not worth taking. And it is, in fact, entirely possible to prevent these catastrophic ramifications, while still preserving civil rights and freedom.

The fundamental familial structure, which is currently under fire, is considered to be “nucleic,” that is, one father, one mother, and children stemming off from them. The children carry outward into the world the values and experiences gained from their parents, an analogy to an atom’s nucleic nature. The importance of the current structure cannot be stressed enough; it is woven into the very fabric of our society, into our governmental doctrines, into our laws, our religions, and our means of day-to-day living. The creation of families of just two females or males, through the legalization of gay marriage, would greatly endanger a familial structure that is essential to our society. Without that familial makeup, there would neither be a way for children to learn the values and experiences that they need to live a successful life, nor would be there be a central force pulling the entire family together (the bonds between parents and children). Without question, replacing an elemental familial configuration with any other one would result in a meltdown of the way our society functions.

The legal ramifications concerning...
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