Keeping Fit

Topics: Exercise, Muscle, Weight loss Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Thankseeping fir to the rapid development of economy in the past decades, there is a remarkable improvement of people’s living standard. It is undeniable that people can afford more meats and flesh with doing lesser physical works compared to the past. Many people, however, want to eat a balanced diet without many meats and do more exercise instead in order to keep fit. Keeping fit has become a trend nowadays, and that poses both positive and negative effects. There is no doubt that keeping fit can exercise your body. By doing so, you can stay more healthy with the enhancement of cardiorespiratory endurance which prevent you from some cardiovascular illnesses as well as speeding up the body’s metabolism. It is easily conceived that exercising can help you to maintain a strong body and look more energetic by strengthening your bones and muscles. Doing physical exercise can also help to defeat diseases too by improving your immune system. In terms of health, keeping fit can help people to build up an energizing body. With respect to different surveys and investigations, keeping fit can develop better ability to cope with stress as well. Having exercise can benefit you from relieving your feelings of depression and anxiety. That is the reason why many people prefer going gyms and exercise when they feel downhearted. Going to exercise is definitely a good way to relieve stress and sadness. In spite of this, some people may also concern about the negative effects of keeping fit. Slimness is believed to be the representation of beauty today. Many people want to lose weight so as to improve their physical appearance by keeping fit. As a result, the problem of over exercising occurred. People want to look nicer and slimmer and so they do too much exercise which put a strain on their body and their organs may be harmed. They may always feel exhausted as the result of over exercising too. Health problems may be led instead if you do excessive amount of exercise. To make...
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