Keeping Fit

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Britain is one of the fattest nations in Europe and the number of children that are heavily overweight has doubled in the last ten years. There are concerns that overweight children who are bullied suffer anxiety and stress and this could lead to eating disorders or even suicide. Weight Concern hopes to be able to reduce the problem in this country by promoting a healthier lifestyle and way of eating. Fitness can help you live longer and prevent diseases like heart disease in your future, keeping fit can be fun as well. Physical fitness involves 3 main components: strength, stamina, and flexibility. If you train properly, then you are able to generate force with your body. Being strong is useful for all sports as well as for life in general. Life is full of effort. Being strong all around makes everything a little easier, and it is a critical component of team and individual exercise activities. Physical fitness training increases your stamina - your ability to keep going during moderate or strenuous activity. Stamina is also known as endurance. Your heart and lungs are able to work longer the more fit you are. You can run farther, dance longer, and keep on playing well past sundown when you have good stamina. Exercise gives you more energy in general to do things you want to do. Flexibility refers to your range of motion around a joint. Touching your toes, reaching a high shelf, and arching your back gracefully are all examples of flexibility. Flexibility is very important to daily life, as well as to mastering the techniques of most sports activities. Exercise is a fabulous way to feel better any day of the week. If the family or school stressing you out then a moderate workout can ease the tension and leave you with an all-over good feeling. That's because exercise special chemicals in the brain that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. When you are fit, you are generally better able to handle life's ups and downs too. You feel more self-confident and strong on...
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