Keeping Children Safe

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E1. Five main legislations which influence healthy, safe and secure environments for early years settings are: 1. Health and Safety at Work 1974
2. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSSH) Regulations 2002 3. Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 4. Childcare Act 2006
5. Food Safety Act 1990
Bump on the head
The procedure that the practitioner should follow when child bumps his/ her head is: Check if the child is conscious and let the child sit down. Next apply cold compress to the bumped area. If a child has got a cut on his/hers head make sure you put disposable gloves on and simply apply gentle pressure to the cut using a cloth. If there is a cut over the bump, wait for the bleeding to stop, then examine in closely. If the cut is very deep and the bleeding doesn’t stop call an ambulance otherwise put a plaster on the cut. At last observe the child throughout the day and make sure you record the incident in the accident book and inform parents about the incident. Asthma attack

When a child has an asthma attack first thing to do is to get child’s inhaler immediately and sit child forward with comfort. Then remove triggers if possible. If child doesn’t improve after 5 minutes call the emergency number and parents. While waiting repeat giving child the medication every few minutes. Lastly record the incident in the accident book and inform the parents. Sickness and diarrhoea

When a child has a sickness and diarrhoea first thing you must do is to put protective gloves on and wear apron to prevent cross infection. Then reassure child and give sips of water regularly. Make sure you take the child in another room to prevent other children/staff catching it. Keep a potty close by for younger children and make sure you have some spare clothes in case of accidents. You need to make sure that child’s parents/carers are coming to pick the child up and take the child home. Explain to the parents what has happened and record the incident in the accident book Shows symptoms and signs of meningitis

Symptoms such as: dislike of bright light, stiff neck and severe headache can be a sign of meningitis. Knowing the signs and symptoms of meningitis and getting medical help immediately can save lives. If a child has any of these symptoms the practitioner should call emergency number immediately and informed child’s parents. Meningitis is a notifiable disease. A child with any of these illnesses should not be in an early years or education settings and parents should contact the child’s GP.

E5. Describe the issues that affect the planning of a challenging environment for children. A challenging environment is an environment in which the children are fully engaged, participating in an activity and making an effort to learn. For challenging environment you need to be able to plan the lessons and teach the children with a view from the challenging environment. There are many issues that affect the planning of a challenging environment for children. The issues can include;

* Individual children's needs (eg: age, mobility) –the child may already be able to do a certain activity and get bored with the activity because they won’t be interested if it’s not hard enough to have a go and try * When the practitioner is planning to provide the children with a challenging environment, he/she must take into account various aspects to the activity and whether it will work with the children, for example, health and safety. The practitioner must risk assess the area before taking the children there which would be in the health and safety policies and procedures required by the setting. The practitioner would have to make sure that, for example, the local park has no risks such as broken glass, gates that can’t be locked and. concrete floors below climbing frames that can’t harm the children. * Layout of room and the size- make sure the room...
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