Keeping Children Safe

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Unit 4
Keeping children safe

Health & safety at work Act 1974
Employers must ensure that the workplace is a safe environment and that posters are in and around the setting to promote this, also they must ensure that all staff members are made aware of this law and given essential information on this. The health and safety policy will be discussed in a staff meeting where they can be written up as a policy in the setting. All staff must follow this policy and work effectively following procedures with care and familiarising health and safety rules to all children.

Reporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous occurrences Regulations 1995 RIDDOR Reporting accidents and ill health at work is a legal requirement. Passing on this information enables the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities, to identify where and how risks arise, and to investigate serious accidents. They are then able to help practitioners with these statuses and provide advice on how to reduce emergencies ,accidents and ill health in the Early Years setting.

Control of substances and Hazardous to health Regulations COSSH 1994 control hazardous substances in the setting set by a simple framework. This then prevents Illness to employees and children in a setting.

Fire precautions Regulations 1997
The premises must be checked by fire officers before the start of the first term, this gives them a chance to be able to advise the employers what is needed to make the setting as safe as possible. In the setting there must be a practised fire drill where children and staff take responsibility and follow procedures to evacuate the building safely through allocated exits and this should be taken seriously and treated as if it was a real drill. Fire extinguishers must also be checked regularly in the setting.

Data protection Act 1998

1)As Childcare practitioner information on all children in the setting must be kept securely locked away. (E.g. Safe, cabinet draw with key lock). Confidentiality has an impact on all of our lives and is also part of Law that must be abided by anywhere and anytime, The Data protection act 1998 gives the only statutory right to confidentiality in UK law and has also been updated.

Information must not be left lying around and must be kept confidential consistently all throughout any setting, in a school or nursery, crèche or day centres should be locked away in a safe or a cabinet with a key.

The Children's act 2004
It is important that an Early years Practitioner has knowledge and understanding of the key principles of the Children Act 2004 and must always remember that ' The welfare of the child is paramount. ' Taking this into account ensures that the practitioner always puts the child first and certainly takes responsibility for helping the child meet the 5 outcomes. Every child matters where the government aims for every child 0-19 yrs to achieve the 5 outcomes which are Be Healthy

Enjoy and Achieve
Achieve Economic Well-being
Make a positive contribution
Stay Safe

Disability Act 2006
This Act is to strengthen the rights and responsibilities of people with a disability, Practitioners must be empowered to meet the needs of individuals with disability and exercise their rights and responsibilities.

The practitioner must ensure that they are aware of all the correct producers in the setting for accidents, illnesses and emergencies. For example 'in placement, if a child is vomiting the practitioner must apply a pair of rubber gloves on and put powder on the vomit.' First remove the child away from all the other children, then clean them up and ensure they are provided with a bowl in order to prevent the child vomiting on the class room floor constantly. The practitioner must then bring the child down to the office where their temperature can be checked and recorded to...

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