“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer”

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 5 (2260 words) Published: July 13, 2013
“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer”

When this country began we wanted our freedom, freedom from powers who would use us as slaves to there every whim. We fought for our rights as human beings, to have the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Over time the fight for this freedom widened to not only Americans but to all countries that fight against the clutching grip of imperialists and communism. To help out those who needed help the people of the government, who we give the power to make choices for us, have made alliances with certain other governments in which may have in the past harmed us they. This concept of joining forces with a former adversary is a paradox because you are putting your self in a position that leaves you vulnerable yet through out all human history whether it is a school yard scuffle or the nations of the world we join hands and heads with our enemies to defeat a bigger enemy. Not everyone can see the bigger picture behind joining with an adversary that has in the past harmed you. No matter how severe or capricious we form that alliance to seek out a common goal justifying this by our need to move forward with our intentions and goals. The future we all seek in the back of our heads is one without conflict and with peace between enemies.

We make alliances and friendships based on one thing need. And there are three needs, economic, military and strategic. The path of our lives is complex and forever changing, having conflicts with others, and extending ourselves to the limits to find out how far we can go. We reason out the pros and cons before making each and every move. We may allow ourselves to be shoved around and to butt heads with other people but we are all made out of skin and bone. The outcome of finding reason for making alliances or developing a new relationship with a former adversary would be for the greater good or there may not be a good explanation only that past regressions have been forgiven and no longer hold meaning in said friendship or it may help you both lead to different choices in the future. In many cases having your past enemies as your friends can help you in the future fight off lots of problems, whatever they may be. Also a good point to make out would be if you were a friend you could influence them to change the way they think and help create a better environment. It is a lot easier if the person or nation you are becoming friends with agrees with your opinions and views but nobody is the same. A lot of the time when making an alliance your thoughts foreshadow what may come and how well the development of the alliance goes.

Lets start with a basic image of a bully in 5th grade. They beat up on people all through the year then at the start of 6th grade a newer bully arrives someone bigger than the last one. What do you think happens to the older bully? The old bully rallies forces against the new bully to take them down. In the process making an alliance with the younger geeky kids to back them up. This alliance is personal and doesn’t last for very long but it was effective in what it was used for. The need was for strength, and the kids banded together to get rid of a bigger problem. Now that the bigger bully is gone the old bully can resume its place of power. Now the question is did the bully learn anything fro the alliance to make them go easier on the kids that help them out. You would think so, that in helping the bully the kids put in a few restrictions for after the bully returned to power. The influence of power can sway back and forth in a relationship, one can see a little more into what they dislike and start to understand the way people can look at something. Yes you make yourself vulnerable in creating an alliance because you will be asked to change something about yourself in order to get help, or give it if you are the one becoming a helper. Changing for something bigger is not a bad thing it helps a person think with their...
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