Keanu Reeves Character Analysis

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Shakespeare has been a vastly revolutionary individual who has made a severe impact on the way we tell stories. It is difficult for any English scholar, of any level of understanding of the field, to not compare any future establishments of literature to the works of Shakespeare. In the play Hamlet, we come to find a few recurring themes that are also most famous in the true world. A parallel can be made between young Prince Hamlet and our real world’s own Keanu Reeves. That is correct. No, hear me out. In the story, Hamlet suffers from the loss of his father. He has this constant feeling that he must avenge his father who was killed by his uncle who then married his deceased brother’s wife, an extremely bent thing to do. On Line 81 of Act …show more content…
Well, Keanu Reeves has lost something himself. Something so vastly important to him, that he tries desperately every day to bring it back. This special thing…is his acting career. Keanu has been an actor since the early 80s. His most famous roles being The Matrix’s Neo and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures’ Ted. Two completely polar opposite characters. Ted was a very over-the-top and obnoxious comedy icon that appealed to very few. Look at Reeves’ roles since then: Neo for the entire Matrix trilogy (and even the video game adaptation of the same name), Kai of 47 Ronin, and now John Wick of-you guessed it- John Wick, with a sequel on the way. These are all characters who are overly serious and unemotional individuals. In an interview that was held after the first Matrix film because a success, he stated to the interviewer “I had the opportunity, especially in the last year and a half, to do some acting. I love it more and more." It is plain to see that Keanu wants nothing more than to act and will do all that he can to ensure that he can do that which he loves so dearly. This is why he tries so hard to make up for the atrocity that was the Bill and Ted series. May he, like Hamlet, find what he is looking

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