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Kean University

By samanthacamacho May 02, 2010 555 Words
I never thought this day would come as fast as it did. I feel like this year is just going to fly by and the next thing I know I’ll be packing to go to college, but let me not get ahead of myself. I remember always being asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The funny thing is, I’ve always known. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I can look back to my younger years and remember playing teacher, writing out worksheets, teaching classes with my cousins. It’s something I always enjoyed.

I am apart of the Coop Education program at my high school, I am now an intern at a preschool. It is just one step closer to what I want to do in my future. I now have hands on experience with young children, being able to interact and add input with any ideas I may have. As you can see, I am a determined young lady; if I want something I am going to try my hardest to be the best I can be in the field I am interested in.

Kean University has so much to offer me, especially because I know what I want to do with my life. Kean is a teaching University and elementary education is one of the most popular fields at Kean. Why else would I look any further? I have a plan, people with plans become successful.

I am someone who can be a team player when needed be. I was on my schools softball team my sophomore year in high school. I believe that playing a sport, taught me sportsmanship, self-confidence, and being able to work as a unit. You are able to bond with you teammates through the rough long practices and demanding games. I enjoy being involved in school activities.

I was apart of Spanish Club and was the secretary of this club in 2007. We had fund raisers, put on a show for the International Festival two years in a row, held at Bloomfield High School, and also provided semi formals ,many accomplishments were made being apart of the Spanish Club. I was also joined Stage Crew my junior year, it gave me insight as to how plays and shows are put together. It’s not an easy job; it is time consuming but a learning experience. Next time I watch a play, I know how much hard work everyone backstage put in, being a part of stage setup and lighting was something new I tried out and did enjoy.

I am a determined young woman ready to attain new information in a new ambiance with different people from different walks of life. I am ready to leave my nutshell and burst into a new atmosphere I can say Kean University is where I would like to spend the next four years of my life growing. The campus is big itself, and is unlike any environment I’ve put myself in. I would like to dorm. It’s a time in my life were I can be independent. A year away from my parents and around people I am not familiar with .Life is about experiencing new things. I want to advance, study and experience this all at Kean University

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