Kay Sunderland Case

Topics: Problem solving, Decision making Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The main problem observed in this case was that while Kay Sunderland was busy with three high profile clients, Morgan had some queries regarding the Gramen project. So when he tried to contact Kay, she was not available and he directly called up Nunez without informing Kay. Kay always believed in delivering what the client has asked for, so she was totally dedicated to the three high profile clients. also she did not considered any room for flexibility and was quite demanding at times. On the other hand Morgan was always on ready for an opportunity to challenge the client side and always tried to think out of the box. DECISION ANALYSIS

Decision 1:
Kay takes strict action against Morgan.

Decision 2:
Kay informs her clients about the people in the organization that they could deal with in any case of any emergency.

Decision 3:
Kay becomes more flexible in her decisions, specification of clearer roles and responsibilities PLAN OF ACTION
Decision 3 should be implemented because it will be most appropriate as it will solve the major problems arising in this case. Had there been clear allotment and delegation of roles and responsibilities, Morgan would have known the course of action expected from him. also this would help in avoiding any conflicts among clients and employees and would also ensure operational efficiency. The desired plan of action for the same should be as follows: •Kay should leave a text message regarding an urgent meeting •Meanwhile she should inform Chama about the situation

After Morgan is free she should have a meeting with him and try to clear out the differences •Kay should explain to Morgan that it is very important that he should listen to clients •In case the problems persists then Chama can take up the issue
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