Kay Sunderland

Topics: Primary source, Source text, Historiography Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Describe Sunderland’s management and work style. What are her sources of power? Sunderland is a kind of person who wants everything under her control. When Sunderland was recruited into Attain learning, one of the main reasons why she joined Attain as an account director is because of the opportunity to assume more responsibility and also because she felt more in control over the projects. Also her co-workers describes her as a control freak. Besides, she pushes people to give their best. She has a great strategic mindset and provides insightful critiques and suggestions. People perceive her to be inflexible and overly demanding at times. She is single-minded in her approach to deliver what the client asks for and accepts whatever the client idea is without challenging it. Also one can infer that she is not the kind of person who thinks out-of-the-box when it comes to providing a solution and she would like to work in a process-driven environment. Her primary source of power is personal and she possesses energy and stamina to sustain the effort necessary and can remain focused till the product is delivered, is self-confident and has a proven track record as she worked in companies like IBM and Oracle. Her formal hierarchical position as an account director where she is the single point of contact for client is another source of her power. Besides, she has extremely good ties with her boss Chama who happens to be the Chief Operating officer of Attain and is a relational source of power. Describe Morgan’s management and work style. What are her sources of power? Mike Morgan is the Content Development Director at Attain learning. His career progressed from a start-up firm to Streamlined Inc., a small company to attain learning. One can understand from the way his career has progressed that he is not ambitious. This can be emphasized by the statement he made when he recounted his experience in Streamlined that he loved the relaxed, entrepreneurial environment. He is...
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