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SMART Goal 1



Enter all information for each SMART goal. Do not combine multiple action steps in one line - list each one separately It is not necessary to use all 20 action step lines. Use only as many steps as needed. DO NOT CUT & PASTE or DELETE ROWS! SMART Goal

Specific/Strategic - Who? What?
Measurable - %, How?
Attainable - Reasonable?
Relevant - Why?
Timed - When?

Performance Challenge
Being Addressed
Strategies to Address

By June 2015, 80% of all students in grades 3-5 will increase their ELA scaled score (SS) proficiency by a minimum of 10% or one reading grade level equivalent (GE), as evidenced on STAR
benchmark assessments and mid-year writing assessment. 100%
of teachers in grades 3-5 will receive professional development in close reading strategies, differentiated instruction, and the Lucy Calkins writing program to improve academic performance levels of all students. Subgroup data results will be carefully analyzed every 4-6 weeks in lesson planning, monitoring of instruction, and designing/modifying of individualized learning plans for closing the achievement gap. The schoolwide target on state assessment NJASK for ELA is 67; the school achieved a score of 54.1 - a 13% difference. SPED students achieved a score of 25.7 with a target of 43.7; a difference of 18%. The ELA gap between SPED and

general education students is roughly 11%.

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Reading comprehension, close reading, differentiated lesson
planning, writing, open-ended questions, higher order thinking questions
1: Principal will ensure that classroom instruction. reflects implementation of effective strategies for performance
2: During school Intervention program will continue to meet the learning needs of students who are two or more years below
grade level. Targeted instruction will be planned, monitored, and evaluated based upon identified student needs.

Target population
End of Cycle
(EOC) Date

EOC1: 10/24/14

EOC2: 12/22/14

3: Increase in student-centered instruction in SE classes. More differentiated instruction and use of data to drive decisionmaking. The STAR data management system will be actively used by staff to both monitor and inform instruction.

Black and Special Education subgroups
Interim Goals
By October 2014, 100% of teachers will have used previous year's baseline assessment STAR data to establish instructional groups in their classes, and implemented one or more instructional strategies for close reading. First Benchmark assessment (STAR) for 2014 will be administered in grades 3-5 to collect data on students' skill proficiencies and measure growth. 80% of teachers will have received at least one training on close reading and differentiated instruction during PLCs and/or staff meetings. 100% of Grade level close reading "captains" will have turn keyed information at their individual PLC meetings. Purchased Lucy Calkins writing resources will have been disseminated and a review during PLC meetings will have occurred.

Source(s) of Evidence
Previous year's assessment data, STAR
data results, grade level PLC agenda and
minutes, and lesson plans, STAR
assessment results

By December 2014, 50% of students will have increased their ELA reading proficiency, as evidenced on the STAR assessment. All teachers will have received training on writing for a range of tasks, purposes and audiences, as evidenced by participation in the Lucy Calkins writing program. First benchmark assessment results will have been analyzed and intervention programs will be reviewed for effectiveness to assist those students who are not making adequate progress or performing below grade level, including subgroups. Teachers will continue to receive...
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