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Topics: Poetry, Singing, Going-to future Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: February 20, 2014

The song I chose to analyze is “Roar” sung by Katy Perry. Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee wrote the lyrics. She is a fabulous singer and is only 29 years old. She is an American award-winning singer, songwriter, businesswoman, philanthropist, sex symbol, and actress from Santa Barbara. She is the first female artist to have five number one singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 from one album. "'Roar' is a song about being able to finally speak up for yourself.” It’s an empowerment stomper about transforming oneself from a passive being to a fiery person who can stand up for his or herself. The song has given much hope to many and relays a message of courage and strength. Many groups have used it as their theme song as well as dying teens and people with disabilities. Katy even had a contest on Good Morning America for high schools to interpret the song and she selected the best interpretation and sang the song live for them at their school. The winning school produced a video, which showed the entire school coming together and working as a team to show school spirit. Katy selected them because it demonstrated cohesiveness of the student body and organization. It encompassed every student showing that they have the courage to work together as a group to form a strong common bond. In analyzing the lyrics of the song, Katy said, “Roar' is a song that I sing to really stand up for myself, finally, and hopefully people are going to adopt that same message".” I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything” can mean she didn’t have something to believe in and strive for, she would fall for anything including things people said. In the pre chorus it says, “You held me down, but I got up (hey!) Already brushing off the dust,” means her enemies, ex husband or musical obstacles, pinned her to the ground, preventing her from reaching her highest potential. Except it didn’t last. As soon as she breaks free, she’s already ready...
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