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Katelyn Burton American Government December 10

By katiegrace1012 Dec 18, 2014 194 Words
Katelyn Burton
American Government
December 10, 2014
Gun Control In the United States
With the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting coming near there seem to be more and more debates on gun control. Gun control seems to be one of the biggest topics among politicians these days. The biggest debates come from republicans and democrats. Most republicans believe in less gun control, whereas democrats believe in more gun control. When studying both sides, I came to the conclusion that there are many pros and cons to both sides. There are many reasons that some Americans believe that we should have more gun control here in the US. One statistic I stumbled across is that the US population is only 5% of the population of the world, but the number of guns in possession of US residents is 50% of the number of guns in the world. (This is only privately owned guns and does not include those owned by police or law enforcement. This write here alone show that there are more guns here in America than any other country and they need to put gun control laws to help prevent problems with them. Another

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