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1.1) the legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting are:

* health and safety at work act
* the management of health and safety work regulations
* Control of substances hazardous to health regulations (COSHH) * manual handling operations regulations
* the reporting of injuries,diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations (RIDDOR) * personal protective equipment regulations

1.2) how health and safety policies and procedures protect those in a social care setting are:

* they are agreed ways of working to prevent harm coming to staff or service users

1.3) the responsibilities for health and safety for:

Social care worker:

* to take reasonable care for own and others health and safety * to report employer potential and actual hazard and risks
* to take part in health and safety training
* to understand and comply with health and safety instructions and procedures


* to provide a safe place of work
* to assess risks and take action to reduce them
* to provide information,training and supervision
* to provide safety signs
* to provide adequate we;fare and first aid facilities

Employee and Family, carers:

* to understand and comply with health and safety instructions and procedures * to take reasonable care for own and others health and safety.

1.4) the situations that are the responsibility of the service user are:

* the service user does not comply with the risk assessments and procedures. * the individual has not taken reasonable care for own and others safety.

1.5) task which should only be carried out with training are:

* use of equipment
* first aid
* medication
* assisting and moving
* emergency procedures
* food handling and preparation

why these tasks need training are:

* to follow legislation
* to preserve life
* to minimise the consequences of injury and illness
* to treat injuries and illnesses effectively and correctly
* to ensure that the task are done correctly to provide the best standard of care

1.6) how to assess additional support and information about health and safety i would ask:

* health and safety officer in my company
* manager
* health and safety executive (HSE)
* enviromental health department

2.1) why it is important to assess health and safety risks

* to follow legislation
* to prevent risks
* reduce risks to a minimum
* to protect everyone from danger, harm or illness

2.2) steps to carry outlooks assessment:

* identify harzards
* evaluate risks
* take precautions
* review risks
* reporting and recording outcome

2.3) how to address potential risk are:

* identifying associated hazards
* considering what safety measures are required to eliminate or reduce the risks * considering wheyier new or additional safety measures can be put in place * communication these measures to others

* informing others of any serious risks
* working with other agencies to help reduce risks

2.4) how risk assessments help address problems is:

*making people aware of the risks
* making people aware of their responsibilities
* making people aware of the responsibilities of the employee and employer * so how everyone should be working to ensure everyone is safe and healthy while in the setting

2.5) how to promote health and safety is:

* taking care of own and others health and safety
* reporting and recording potential and actual hazards and risks * participating in health and safety training
* complying with health and safety policies and procedures
* talking about health and safety to other to make sure everyone has an understanding

3.1) the different types of accidents that could happen in a care setting:

* falls
* burns
* slips
* trips
* scalds
* choking
* swallowing hazardous substances

the different types of sudden illness that could happen in a care setting:

* cardiac arrest
* difficulty with breathing
* stroke
* hypoglycaemia
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