Kate Moss

Topics: Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Johnny Cash Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: June 19, 2006
Kate Moss

Kate Moss was born in Surrey, England in 1974. She had a quite normal childhood in this county south in England, before she was discovered at the age of 14 in 1988, at JFK Airport in New York, after she and her family had spend a vacation in the Bahamas. The woman that discovered her was Sarah Doukas, founder of a famous model agency named Storm Model Agency. As a thin and unsecure teenager, Kate said yes to Sarahs offer and the photos of her were published in several teenage- magazines, before her big break-through in 1990. The girl who was sick of school and thought she was going to spend her life as a bank chief, suddenly found herself covering the famous popcultural-magazine The Face in 1990. She was soon on everybodys lip, and at the age of 15 she did her first runway-show. Shortly after she launched a contract as the designer Calvin Kleins new face. During this time she took the famous nude shots for Kleins perfume CK One and Obsession. The critics screamed and claimed that she was sickly thin, ugly and besides, with her 5 foot 8(about 1.70) too short for the model industry. But in the model industry she was seen as an upcoming star, and the new Twiggy, who was a famous model in the 60s. Becoming actor Johnny Depps girlfriend, didn't harm her growing status as a celebrity, and he was the first to introduce her to drug, which later developed into a problem. Because she was so thin, people have blamed her for popularizing the dangerous «heroin chick»- look. Many people also said she was the reason why so many young girls developed anorexia during the 90s when Kate rose to her stardom. Moss has allways known how to make people notice her, and apart from her model carieer she has been participating in british TV-soap operas, and she has apparead in many music videos, like Elton Johns «The way you look tonight» and Johnny Cash «Delias Gone». With her imperfect look she has charmed the fashion industry and has walked or campaigned for elite...
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