Kashmir Issue

Topics: Sheikh Abdullah, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Pages: 4 (1523 words) Published: September 30, 2010
I remember when I used to leave my home for school early in the morning & my mom used to instruct me not to speak with the cops and when I used to return home safely in the evening she used to treat me as if I had returned after a decade. Today nobody knows whether their near & dear ones will return home by the dusk. That’s the fear that the people of Kashmir are living with.

Freedom, for Kashmir, is a search for the lost identity of its rich cultural & religious class of medieval world. The issue of Kashmir is not as ordinary as most of the people in India think. People of Kashmir are dying & dying for the future of their unborn. I just want to convey to the outer world & the citizens of India that the common man in Kashmir is not a terrorist but a human being who has needs like anyone else does, and among them, the most important is the safety need. But, unfortunately, no Kashmiri feels safe here. Tell me if some one barges into your house & asks you to vacate the house and the land which u have been cultivating for years & from where you earn your bread and butter, then how does it feel. It seems that the JAGIRDAAR system has returned to India & is haunting the people of Kashmir. Some one is trying to hold on to this land & some one is trying to take it away, but now the issue is not about the property or land but of the most precious thing on the planet- HUMMAN LIFE, which unfortunately is on SALE in Kashmir, thanks to the Govt. & the hundreds of battalions of the forces who are doing it in the name of maintaining the so-called peace and providing safety to the people. Kashmir is not a battle field so stop the bloodshed. Stop turning the paradise into hell before it is too late for anyone to stop the fire within the Kashmiris. LET THE PEOPLE OF KASHMIR LIVE IN PEACE…..! Indians have been through all this, we have read books about out forefathers and freedom fighters who gave us a nation for which we lost thousands of lives. Today India is repeating the...
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