Kashmir Conflict

Topics: Pakistan, India, Nuclear weapon Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Kashmir conflict:
The issue of territory is one factor that has lead to conflict between India and Pakistan. It is one of the most intractable and long standing conflicts in the world. The problem of Kashmir arose because maharaja hari singh was unable to makeup his mind to which dominion the state of Kashmir should accede to or whether to accede at all.

On one level their nuclear weapons are used as a symbol of international power and prestige, but their introspective viewpoint on Kashmir has required no international intervention.

Being locked out of the nuclear club by signing the CTBT would, in India's view, have locked it into second-grade status. Alternatively, for all the enduring tension between India and Pakistan, the real target of India's nuclear angst maybe more discrete, in which, may pose more of a threat to its National Security than Pakistan ever will. Some senior Indian leaders, including Defence Minister George Fernandes, have even identified China as the number one strategic threat to India. Up until two years ago when it signed onto the CTBT, China was running the most 'vigorous and extensive nuclear weapons development program of any nation state in the world' .

India's nuclear tests are a wake-up call to the world, and particularly to the nuclear weapons states. India's tests got the world's attention. The country that was really woken up by these tests was Pakistan. These tests have refueled the conflict between Pakistan and India. The two countries have fought three wars, two of them over the disputed region of Kashmir. The region is small, but nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, its strategic importance and beauty make it a prized possession. Great Britain carved the Muslim state of Pakistan out of Indian territory. This is the primary source of there conflict. When the English did this they had to force some of the Hindus out of the Muslum Pakistan and likewise for Muslums in India.

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