Kasalan Sa Likod Ng Simbahan

Topics: Love, Performance, Performing arts Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: August 29, 2011
From the show I watched titled “Kasalan Sa Likod Ng Simbahan, I can’t deny that all the performers are good in acting in their character. I know it is very difficult to perform in live like theater compare on the performance we saw on television and cinemas. It is because live performance like the presentations made by TAGA-CLSU, mistake is not allowed, and the motion of the character must be powerful and emotional, no cut when they forgot the script unlike the movie on TV and cinema. Let’s return to the story, Kasalan Sa Likod Ng Simbahan is a story of romance and comedy rolled into one which try to prove(or not) that love always finds its way. Its all about of two people loved each other but their parents is not agree and their family, and now they see each other again, although a very long time that they don’t see each other, the feelings they have when they are young is still remains strong. After 50 years, Alfonso a 69-year old widower and a 74-year old maid Segundina are firm to finally tie the knot and try to continue their love story which was ruined by destiny. The only problem is, their decision to walk down the aisle is the biggest laughing stock in town. Avoiding humiliation, Alfonso’s children are desperately trying to stop the wedding. Sometimes it can also happen on reality, sometimes the family is the cause of separation of two individual like the case of Lolo Alfonso and Lola Gundina but everyone deserves a second chance – in life and in love. As they say, opportunity always knocks to those who know how to love.
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