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Internship Report

Submitted By: Aakanksha Rathi
SSN: 888940845

In partial fulfillment of the Master’s Program in Business Administration, Ohio University, Athens, USA

OHIO University Christ College Academy for Management Education Christ College Campus
Hosur Road, Bangalore-29
April 2007


I would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to several people, for their support and guidance which helped me complete my Summer Internship.

First and foremost I would like to thank KARVY STOCK BROKING LIMITED, Bangalore for giving me an opportunity to do my internship in their esteemed organization. My special appreciation extends to the Segment Head Mr. Som Shekhar for his constant encouragement throughout this period. I also extend my gratitude to my Guide at KARVY, Wealth Manager - Miss. Sangeetha K, who instructed us with the work procedures and dealt with us with patience at all times.

This internship would not be complete without the support of our Director Mr. Shivprakash. I would also like to thank our Internship Co-ordinators, Prof. Amalendu Jyotishi and Prof. Girish for their guidance and unflinching support throughout the phases of my Internship. I also thank Prof. Venkatesh Bhagwat for his insightful knowledge, patience and encouragement which gave me the strength and power to perform my best.

My special thanks to my co-students and dear friends Ms. Shikha Nagrath, Mr. Sumit Ambastha, Mr. Gaurav Singh and Mr. Mitesh Sonthalia who being a part of the same internship, supported me throughout my Internship and with whose help I could complete my work efficiently and effectively. Their consistent help kept me motivated and going.

Last but not the least, my endless appreciation goes to my family who has stood by my side and given me moral support whenever I was low and boosted my will power.

Thank You!



1) Executive Summary4
2) Introduction5
3) Background6
i) Karvy’s Mission6
ii) Karvy Milestones7
iii) KARVY Credo8
iv) Quality Policy9
4) Achievements10
5) KARVY Wings11
i) KARVY Stock Broking Limited14
6) Organization Structure15
i) Structure of SME Segment16
ii) Process17
7) Product & Services19
i) Products19
a) Mutual Funds19
b) Insurance31
c) Equities35
d) Bonds38
e) Derivatives41
ii) Services43
a) Depository Participants45
b) Distribution of Financial Products46
c) Advisory Services47
d) Private client Group OR CPMS48
8) Marketing Plan50
9) Competitors of KARVY52
10) Learnings 54
11) Bibliography58


This internship report consists of the overall experience of working as a part of SME Segment at KARVY STOCKBROKING LIMITED. This experience helped me understand the basic functioning of the particular SME segment where I was inducted.

My Internship consisted of the On Job Training as A Relationship Manager. The best learning experience was that I started from the very basics of getting to that position and not from the position itself. This helped me get useful insight and understanding of various financial products, the market details about them and the benefits provided by them to the customers. Emphasis was given in analysis of the investor behavior of the clients. Another interesting fact was that all these products were suggested to clients not just based on their market performance and returns, but on the client’s financial condition as well as their risk taking capacity.

Training sessions were held to give me insights about the various products that KARVY STOCKBROKING deals in like: Mutual Funds, Insurance and Bonds. Presentations on the same after self study and analysis were a part...
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