Karl Marx vs Max Weber

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Interview Nurse Manager

Interview Nurse Manager
Nursing is one field that requires special attention for it really determines the quality of life of the patient in and out of the hospital. This paper will highlight and discuss on of the management problems that face the nursing industry. For one to be in apposition to do there needs to be a research carried out so that accurate information on the many problems that face the nursing industry can be highlighted. In the paper, one Ms. Karen, a nurse at a surgical center will be interviewed. During this interview that the right information about the center will be gathered and thus one of the management problems will be identified. Once this problem is identified, there will be sought ways to fix the problem so that the life of the patient and the better running of the surgical center can be attained. Introduction

The nature of the surgical work is very delicate. This puts many challenges to this demanding profession. It is thus the duty of the personnel entrusted with the life of the populace to do all that is within their ability to protect or even better the life of the patients they receive. Though with the expertise the personnel in this field are endowed with, there are some cases where they get subjected to situations that need intervention. To assist in this research will be one Ms. Karen who is a nurse at the Seattle (Zimmerman, 2006). Her work is to manage a surgical center that has evolved over quite a number of years. It is during the interview with this lady that the information to be discussed below was gathered. At the time when Karen started working at the center, it had only operation room and the personnel in terms of the registered nurses were only four. Currently, there are two operation rooms and a smaller operation room or procedure room. The organization has also made...
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