Karen Horney

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Karen Horney

Karen Horney was born September 16, 188 near Hamburg Germany. Karen did pass away in 1962, but in her life time she became a well known psychologist. Karen’s childhood from the research and bibliographies I came across there was a misperceptions. Karen seemed to always speak about the harsh punishment and how her father (who was away at time at sea) seemed to choose her brother over her, which does not seem very true. Because in some of the biographies it states that her father would bring her gifts from his trips at sea. At one point in her childhood her father took her on three separate times three long sea voyages with him. But throughout her life she suffered from depression.

As Karen grew older in 1906 she went against her parent’s wishes and entered University of Berlin medical school, and she graduated in 1913 earning her medical degree. During her schooling she became close with law student by the name of Oscar Horney, which she later married in 1909. After being married for a short time she gave birth in 1910 to Oscar and hers first child Brigitte. But the birth of her first child become short lived as in 1911 Karen’s mother passed away which led Karen to study psychoanalysis.

Karen Horney was a strong presence in the field of psychology for many years.  She became a practicing psychoanalyst in 1919 and much of her work was completed during the 1920’s and 1930’s. By the mid 1920’s she was becoming associated with women’s problems, both within the Berlin Psychoanalytic Society and outside of it.  She was an influential teacher, and was very proud to be a training analyst at the Berlin Institute and to be able to share her love of healing people with others. She also allowed herself to be taught by many of her colleagues.  She learned principles of sociology from Erich Fromm, religion and morality from Karl Muller-Braunschweig and Paul Tillich, and was highly influenced by Georg Groddeck, the father of...
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