Topics: Knee, Extension, Joints Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 24, 2006
What is karate?

In any sports that one performs it is fundamental to know the mechanics of it to be able to understand and produce the desired movements. When decomposing the word biomechanics we come up with the part bio (meaning living) so we study the mechanics of living subjects and the effects of forces (gravity, air resistance, ect.) on both living and non-living objects. This term project required us to record a short clip comparing experts to novices. Our "stars" are named Ricky Lew (expert) and Jake Dulay (novice). Ricky is an expert in karate, he as a black belt and he also teaches in a martial art school. As for Jake he never performed any kind of martial arts although he still demonstrates interest in the field.

1) Preparatory;
•Starting with combat position;
•Legs shoulders width apart,
•Hands in guard (fist properly closed)
•Slight flexion at hip joint,
•Slight flexion of the knees,
•Front foot is at 45°, back foot is at around 30°, (both on the floor) •Flexion at ankle joint..

2) Windup;
•Chambering the dominant the leg, superior flexion of the knee than preceding phase, •Flexion of the hip of your dominant leg, again superior than earlier stage, •Dorsi- flexion of dominant foot and toes pointing.

3) Force producing movement;
•Trusting of the hip (hip rotation),
•Full extension of kicking leg,
•Straighten the support leg.

4) Follow through – Recovery;
•Retraction of the leg ,
•Reverse the hip trust, to get back to original stance (combat). . If one was to teach this particular skill; in the first phase one could put more emphasis on several elements such as: hand position, flexion of the knees, and angle of the feet. In the second phase the key elements would be to have a closed angular hip motion and lifting and flexing the knee in a linear motion in front. For the third phase a fast rotation of the hip and a full leg extension should be practiced. To obtain the quick hip thrust, the striking leg...
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